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Getting married two decades ago, Donald and Melania Trump have been a prominent pair in America since becoming President and First Lady before moving out of the White House in 2021. Donald Trump has supposedly been living in wedded bliss with wife Melania Trump since they got hitched in 2005, but in recent weeks and months, speculation has circled the couples' romance amid divorce claims and other reports.

The former US Apprentice boss met Slovenian-American former model and businesswoman Melania way back when in 1998. The smitten couple then became engaged in 2004 before marrying a year later. Melania, who served as the First Lady of the United States from 2017 to 2021, then welcomed her and her husband's first child together in 2006, Barron Trump.

But after the former president reportedly made a post-arrest plea to his wife Melania to stay with him earlier this year, insisting: "I really need you", what is their relationship really like behind closed doors?

The couple met in the late 90s before getting hitched in the early noughties

Following Donald Trump surrendering himself in Georgia after his latest indictment, his wife has been entirely out of sight and nowhere to be seen whatsoever. Insiders have claimed that the couple were living together at Mar-A-Lago with their paths "barely crossing". And some reports claim Melania is focusing on raising their 17-year-old son Barron with her even considering divorcing Donald.

Back in February 2021, mere weeks after departing the White House, the world watched on with eagle eyes when the couple didn't get all lovey-dovey on Valentine's Day. Taking to Twitter to address the occasion, Melania failed to gush over her husband. Writing on Twitter the former First Lady sent her best wishes to a group who work with seriously ill children, young adults, and their families, but made no mention of Donald, whom she supported throughout his presidency.

Reports then continued to swirl about Melanie being "bitter and chilly" towards her husband following the couple's departure from The White House in January 2021, with Donald then even spotted at a golf course on Valentine's Day and not with his doring wife. But it's important to note that the lack of public displays of affection isn't a telling sign the couple's romance isn't on track, because a source told The Times in 2021 that the couple aren't touchy-feely or sentimental types. The source told the paper at the time: "They don’t believe in the lovey-dovey-type stuff. Not at all."

The couple are said to be a low-key couple who aren't very lovey-dovey