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 Have you ever tried periwinkles?  [House Food]

Soups make up a major part of the Nigerian cuisine.

Each tribe boasts of different delicious soups all made with unique ingredients and eaten with different kinds of swallows.

Most people prepare their soups with what is commonly referred to as 'obstacles'. These are the extra condiments added to soups aside from the main protein. Most obstacles in this situation range from fish, snails, etc.

One obstacle that seems to be overlooked by some people is periwinkles. This delicacy is found in many parts of the world and in Nigeria, it is used to prepare soups such as Edikang Ikong and Afang soup.

Here are some reasons you need to consider adding periwinkles to all your soups;

Numerous health benefits

Periwinkles come with numerous health benefits. This food item contains tannins that can help relieve inflammation, and are low in saturated fat that can help reduce blood pressure.

With periwinkles in your soup, you get to enrich your diet with potassium, vitamin E, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper and Selenium. Periwinkles are also one of the highest sources of proteins. It can also help to maintain brain function

Makes the meal more interesting

Periwinkles are also a good way to turn your meals from boring to interesting. This can work especially if you cook them together with their shells. Picking the shelled periwinkles and sucking them out is definitely pure delight, just ask anyone from Akwa-Ibom or Calabar and they will tell you this.

Why you should consider adding periwinkles to all your soups

Cheap option

Periwinkles is also a cheap option when it comes to obstacles in your soups. It is also easy to get and works well with most kinds of soups in Nigeria.

Aside from soups, periwinkles also work well with yam or plantain porridge, taking it from boring to interesting.