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 The sperm is more than just a fluid, it is a container of genetic information. Meaning when a man ejaculates in a woman, he leaves behind DNA that is stored inside the woman and shared if she gets pregnant. If she aborts, more information is stored

Scientists call this phenomena MICROCHIMERISM, there have being done on this phenomena and the results have been mind blowing

For example, the more a woman has sex with a particular man, the woman's DNA changes to mimic that of the man to a certain extent. This probably explains why, when a couple has been together for a long time, they end up looking alike

Another example, when a woman has DNA traces of many men inside her, she starts to change in her behavior and mannerisms as well, because her cells are changing. This probably explains why prostitutes tend to have all kinds of traits, it's due to having slept with many men

Another example, isn't it weird that one child in a particular family can be just totally different from others in behavior and mannerisms. You will ask yourself why that particular child is a thief/promiscuous/violent/mentally challenged yet in your family there's never been anyone like that

The truth is women retain DNA from every man they have slept with. This means these other male cells will be assimilated into the foetus when the woman gets pregnant

It gets even more interesting, that your woman who loves swallowing, if she did swallow another man's sperms before yours, it's worse. If sperm gets in the mouth, it ends up in the nasal areas, behind the eyes and ears. It then enters the bloodstream and then collects in the brain and spine. It becomes part of her forever

Now think about this, that woman of yours you didn't find a virgin, she has another man's DNA inside her brain and spine. On top of that, those other men's DNA is going to be passed on your children

There's a reason why our forefathers demanded that as a man you marry a virgin, so as not to pollute the family gene pool. Our forefathers were not backward, rather they were far ahead of their time. Think about this anytime you're marrying a woman you didn't find a virgin