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This piece appears controversial but I fancy the backlash. It is an interesting conversation I would like to start and probably learn from the views of others. It is a 'cruise article' and shouldn't be taken too seriously. It has no intention to denigrate any tribe or race.
There is a huge contrast between dating a white lady in the United Kingdom and dating a Nigerian lady. The values are always different. Let's be sincere, it is the deepest wish of most Nigerian men fresh in the UK to drink from the other river. It is called 'jungle fever'. The problem is that most men would never admit it. Dating a white lady has its pros and cons. This piece will focus on some of the merits of it.

They are explained below:

(1) Loving:

Love is not really an African thing considering the attributes of love. Love is supposed to be blind, selfless, fair, and unconditional. In Africa, a man is loved based on what he can offer. While this might apply to some white women, many of them are in bed with men who are either engaged in blue-collar jobs or making next to nothing. Money is hardly a big factor. From experience, white women are more loving and sacrificial compared to their black counterparts. The only problem is finding the one who is ready to love you and not use you for pleasure.

(2) More Straightforward:

White women are more open about their sexual interests compared to their Nigerian counterparts. They don't fake it. If it is genuine love, you will be informed. If it is lust, you will be told from the onset. In fact, she might tell you she has a boyfriend but wouldn't mind giving you some rounds in the ring like a boxer. If it is love, she gives you her all, but if she notices any hanky-panky, you are in soup. Apologies or constant pleas for forgiveness are often seen as emotional blackmail/manipulation.

(3) Benefits:

Before job sponsorship visas became popular in the UK, the pioneers of Japa who settled in London survived on spousal visas. To date, they are not big on the tier 2 visa. They mixed with locals, had kids with them, and secured their stay. Most Nigerian women wouldn't even save your number on WhatsApp if they get the hint that your visa is about to expire.

(4) Exposure:

If you are tired of the norms and values of a Nigerian relationship, and you fancy the culture shock, crossing to the other side of the street is for you. You will be exposed to foreign meals, strange conversations, new behavioural patterns, accents, dressing, social life, and the rest. This will widen your scope of life and make you more liberal.

(5) Cost-effective:

One thing about white ladies is that they don't 'bill'. This is because they live in a society that doesn't encourage such behaviour which is almost traditional in Nigeria. Most times, when a relationship crashes in Nigeria, the hurt is double for men. The heart breaks and the bank account sheds some significant weight too. The woman easily recruits her bestie for the vacant post and moves on.

(6) Sweetness:

Many veterans I have met in the UK believe that foreign wine is sweeter than palm wine. Some have gone as far as giving some biological and physiological explanations to back up their views. It is a hard one, but one thing is clear, those on the other wing are crazier and more exploratory.

(7) Length:

In the 21st century, you must have realized that a burning candle can even last longer than a Nigerian relationship. This is why most Nigerian women never post their partners on social media. This makes it easy to switch on to the next. Relationships with white women are longer. They are more intentional about love. If you live in the UK, you might realize that your 21-year-old colleague has been dating her boyfriend for the past 5 years. Also, they never rush into marriage.

(cool Fairytale vibe:

If you are the type who loves to show off on social media, an interracial relationship is ideal for you. It is amusing to people and it creates so much buzz. People create viral content out of this and gain massive followers on social media telling their stories. Imagine you and your Oyinbo babe dancing or vibing to the latest video by Davido and posting it on Instagram. It is so unreal and fascinating. This is even different from the joy of birthing Ramsey Nouah, Van Vicker, or Lilian Bach as mixed children.

In the end, it all bores down to taste and individual preferences. Do what works for you. There are many routes to the marketplace. It is advisable for people to stick to their kind for the purpose of understanding and peaceful coexistence.