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Give Your Shoes A Makeover
Ways To Give Your Shoes A Makeover
by - updates on - December 14, 2020

Bored of using the same old pair of canvas shoes that you

bought years ago? Craving for a new pair?

Instead of buying a new pair, spruce up your good ol'

sneakers periodically to make them look new and stunning,

and that too without much expenditure! Here are 10 cost-

effective ideas that will help you customize your shoes. If

you want to start off on a blank canvas, just bleach your

shoes before trying any of these methods to change the way

your shoes look.

Emboss them

If you want to give your shoes a little edge, the best thing to

do is use studs and crystals. First, paint your shoe in the

colour of your choice and then apply glue in the areas that

you wish to highlight. Once you apply the glue, paste golden

studs, spikes or beads of your choice. You could make your

shoes look cool or dainty, depending on the image that you

wish to portray.

Paint them

The simplest, yet nicest, way to change the way your shoes

look is by painting them in a different colour with fabric

paints. If you're feeling artistic, you could also draw patterns

such as stripes, checks and anything else that you like on

them. If you're feeling musical, paint notes or names of the

bands you like on your shoe. It will not only look cool, but

will also be in sync with your mood.

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Delace them

Turn your shoes into slip-ons if you are tired of spending

time knotting your laces. All you need to do to achieve this

look is to remove laces from your shoe. And if you are

worried that it looks incomplete, just paint the centre flap a

different pattern for contrast and design. But, if you feel your

shoes are too loose, then add an elastic piece of cloth in

the centre and join it to the sides for a tighter fit.

Fur them

There's still a nip in the air, so plain socks with canvas

shoes aren't enough to keep you warm. Remove the laces

and add a layer of fur around the ankles. This way, not only

will you look fashionable, but will also feel cosy and warm

when you step out for a walk in the evenings. You could also

pair this with woolen socks for a better look.

Lace them

If you don't want to make drastic changes to your shoes,

just buy different coloured laces. You could even go bold by

opting for two neon shades of your choice and use one of

each colour if you want to make a statement with your

shoes. When the two different neon shades alternate, it will

give your shoe a sprightly look. You could even use satin

ribbons of different colours for a softer look.

Button them

Want to look young and playful? Rummage through your

wardrobe and collect all the old or extra buttons that have

come off your clothes. Paste or stitch each of these buttons

on your shoes. If you have too many buttons to spare, you

can stitch them close, but if you have only a few and that

too of different sizes, just space them out and they'll still

look good.

Glitter them

If you're feeling a little bling, pour a generous amount of

glue over your shoes, use handfuls of silver or gold glitter

and spread it on each shoe thoroughly. Ensure that you don't

make the layer of glitter too thick. If you want a little pattern

on your glittery shoes, draw out the designs and staple a

piece of cloth or paper so that the glue doesn't fall on these

areas. Once the glitter sticks to the shoe, you can take off

the piece of cloth or paper.

Tie-dye them

It's pretty easy to give your shoes a tie-and-dye effect. Wash

and towel-dry your shoes. While damp, apply the colour of

your choice in a pattern. The colour spreads and sticks,

giving the tie-and-dye effect. You could use two or more

colours. Then, seal your shoes in a plastic bag for a day so

the the colours don't dry out. Wash them after that to get rid

of the excess dye and sun-dry before use.

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