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Twitter/X is disabling Circles, announcing that the feature will be "depreciated" at the end of next month.

As of Oct. 31, Twitter/X users will no longer be able to restrict their posts to their personally curated Circle confidants, nor add new users to that list. Instead, all future Twitter/X posts will be delivered to your followers and the wider public, whether they're professional announcements about your career achievements or carnal fantasies about your favourite celebrity.

You can still set your whole Twitter/X profile to private if you don't want random people reading and interacting with your posts. But there will no longer be any method of filtering which of your followers receive which of your posts.

It isn't clear what will happen to previous Circle posts. Ideally, they will remain restricted to the users they were originally shared with. The nightmare scenario is that they suddenly become public, revealing all your thirsty daydreams and snarky asides for the world and your employer to see.

But if you do have any Twitter/X posts that you don't want to be public, perhaps consider just deleting them now. Even if the social media giant does promise to keep them private, glitches have happened before. Besides, you might not want to gamble your social and professional reputation on this company's word.