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Spain's women's national team is reportedly set to axe its second manager in a matter of weeks after new coach Montserrat Tome has fallen out of favour with members of the team.

The drama with the Spanish FA and the Women's national team continues to rage on as newly appointed manager Montserrat Tome is set to face a sack barely days after she was appointed.

Tome looking down the barrel

Tome took over from former head coach Jorge Vilda, who was sacked despite leading the team to the Women's World Cup title in Australia and New Zealand.

After serving as Vilda's assistant, Tome was handpicked to lead the team as a nod to the FA's commitment to giving women more respect following a troubling period after the World Cup win when the RFEF's former president was forced to resign after kissing a player on the lips during the celebration of the final victory over England.

Vilda was ousted after falling out with the players on the women's national team, and it appears that Tome is set to go the same route after also being criticised for her recent conduct.

Tome under fire after Hemoso decision

Tome came under intense scrutiny after the latest squad for the Spanish women's national team was released, featuring players who had already announced that they would be taking a back seat from La Roja until sweeping changes were made by the FA to certain aspects of the association that did not show respect for the women's game.

She was also criticised for leaving out midfielder Jennifer Hermoso, who is at loggerheads with former FA president Rubiales after being on the receiving end of the controversial kiss after the World Cup final.

Hermoso criticised the reason given by Tome for excluding her from the national team, asking why the manager felt the need to leave her out under the guise of protecting her after inviting other players, who were also at daggers drawn with the FA.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Tome is seen as part of Rubiales' favourites as evidenced by her actions, and despite being a woman herself, is set to face the sack for not respecting the players on the women's national team.